Nature teaches us how deep love is,

It teaches us that love is deeper and infinite.

Lovers should start learning from nature,

Loving nature is succeeding a mariage.

Into nature all is union,

All is love and equilibrium.

Despite the differences and variations,

All into nature remains love and equilibrium.

Everything stays at its right place,

Everything into nature is equilibrium.

Evrything has got its own essence,

Evrything plays it’s own role.

Animals are made two, two,

Everything in nature is made two, two,

All the universe creatures are made two, two.

And they stay so from begining to end,

They never separate nor divorce.

So when lovers decide to marry,

they should follow nature ideologies.

It’s two and two from begining to end,

It can not be two and three,

But two that become one and produce two.