Part 7

Akbar’s young Brother Akash loved Amara very much. He used to go at her home, pass the journey, eat there and go back home.

He was as old as Amara and they had become very good friends since Akbar had introduced Amara to his family. Akash didn’t like the way Akbar left Amara and became very attentive to her.

Everyday Amara was receiving flowers from him. One day he told Amara to go with him in a beautiful garden out of the town. Amara was very surprised.

— How can you be sure there are nice gardens out of the town? Asked she.

— I Use to go to go there some times. Trust me Amara it’s a very beautiful garden, very calm, very secure and peaceful. Replied him.

— There you will find the peace. i have noticed that since my brother left you you are not smiling like before.

Amara trusted Akash and went with him in that nice garden. It was full of all kind of flowers. She asked Akbar how these flowers came there and he answered that God sewed them himself. But it was not very famous place because peoples were not sensible to flowers.

They had brought some fruits and they seated down to eat them after visiting the whole garden. Amara was very joyous, She felt so peacefull. The beauty of flowers and the songs of birds made her forget everything. As she came back home she felt renewed and srarted preparing her exams without tension.

Amara and Akash became very friendly and Akbar came to know about this at Akash birthday.

Akash was accompagnied by Amara at the party and Akbar who saw them all the time together laughing and joking felt a bit jealous. He thought their relashionship was more than simple friendship as they danced together to a romantic song.

— God, what is this boy doing with Amara? Said him to Seyland.

— What, are you jealous? I just remember that you left Amara alone for another girl, answered Seyland.

— I know! I can’t believe Akash has taken my love with him.

Seyland and Keyla were surprised to see how Akbar sudenly changed his mood.

— According to me you should go to the doctor to check if your head is correct, said Keyla.

Akbar knew he had no reason to be against Seyland. He planed to appologize to Amara.

Amara told him to talk with his father about love. Akbar had never got the time to talk with his dad tough he was busy and Akbar lead a life of a boy who was free to do what he wanted.

But thar day he talked with his parents and they counted him their love story: when they fell in love with each other, they new romance was a part of marriage and they stood good friends until marriage. Akbar’s father treated his wife like his sister before they get married and his mother looked at his husband like his brother.

They told Akbar that the importance of that relationship of brother and sister before marriage was to keep their minds pure. So they had no ideas of sex in their mind and did not want to put this in their head.