You do not need somebody to be kind with you to feel LOVED.

Not Everybody is born to be kind.

Some people feel happy when somebody sends them a smile.

But when nobody smile at them they start to feel sad.

So if it’s your case, it’s time to stop this night mare.

Do you know why it’s a night mare ?

Because » You are the One Who creates your own happiness.’ ‘

It’s easy to say that sentense and many People have talked about that.

But to realise it in daily life may take time for some people or it May never happen for other People.

The reason is because we are attached to this earth and we have many needs we want to satisfy.

And when we are not able to satisfy them we start to feel sad.

Suposing someone is jobless and he needs money to survive, he would be worrying everyday and if he is not aware he May find his life useless and finish into suicide.


Feel happy at every moment of your breath and always say  » Thanks to God »even if you have not yet got your will.

God has given us the greatest whealth that is nature around us. Love nature and animals.

Enjoy animals compagny, smile with them, talk to them.

You can also greet the trees sometimes and talk to them about your Problems.

Don’t forget to pray and thanks God for the life He has given you.

If you truly be the first person to give your love to everything without wishing them to give back or first, you will always feel LOVED, happy and free.