Sara, a 14 years old girl was going to attend her new college. years before she studied in a public school and now she was about to go in a private college. She was very happy to Leave her last college as she had had a bad school year. Not due to bad results but due to her schoolmates.

Her boyfriend left her after humiliating her in public, breaking her heart and making her cry in secret at home. She regreted that the school year ended so bad, they were in relashionship since three years. What happened to him ? Why did he change his behaviour so strangely ?

She never had the answer but she only remenber that he was intelligent, kind and from an educated family. He was well educated, handsome and attractive. All the college girls never stopped admiring him and he was kind with everyone. And everyone was talking about their relashionship and about her. He was very respectful but that last year she didn’t believe her boyfriend was humiliating her in public with so harsh words.

After three months she forgot about him and decided not to fall in love again. The coming school year was to enjoy, to work hard and not to waste, she decided.

She started the year so nicely and got new friends in her new school. She also kept contact with old friends except her ex whom she never met after three months. During the first term she had very good marks and was the top student. For that she became her class chief but refused to take this place.

The last chief was a boy, very handsome and with a body stongely built. He also was 14 and as his reponsibiltities in the class ended he approched Sarah as per the indications given to him by the college headmaster.

She told him to keep his position as she was not interrested but he replied that it was an obligation and after convincing her she finally accepted.

Some weeks later they became good friends and with time they fell in love with each other. The New one called  » Dan  » seemed to be different, respectful and carring. Sarah was surprised and wondered how she did to fall in love again tough she decided to stay out of this.

But then she let got the relashionship and stood together during four years. But when they reached university Dan travelled abroad in America and left Sarah in Africa.

The first year of their distant relashionship, they talked alot on social medias. Unfortunately distance, school and life challenges cut up their contacts.

Sara lost her phone and during one month couldn’t use Facebook. When she got new one she reconnected with him explaining her situation to him but he became very often offline and the WhatsApp number he gave to him seemed not to be used.

He told to her that due to school hard work he didn’t use WhatsApp too much. But Sarah noticed that even when he was online he would reply very late. She understood it was a dead end story.