Happy Woman day 2021 !!!
Océane Malongo.

I was born a woman and I am delighted,
I am happy that my fetus has taken the female sex.
When I was born on earth, nature embraced me tenderly, congratulating me for having had the courage to choose the female sex.
 » Men lost in their battle! Victory belongs to women. But if you want to win this battle and save man from the slavery of the senses, you have to know how to swim in the ocean of illusions. Welcome, my daughter, to the world of mankind, where everyday life is not only a battle but also a victory ».

With my children’s feet I walked on the ground for the first time, living in the beauty of flowers, in the shade of tall trees.
I plunged my body into the cold water of the river to strengthen myself and become more enduring in the face of life.
The first images of my life were not bad enough until I was brought down by fever and discovered with my own eyes the pain of the sting.

When the first bee stung me and my eye swelled up, I realised that life could only be more beautiful if a certain spiritual balance was achieved.

I lived in fear, I was afraid of wild animals. I was afraid of snake bites, bee stings and wasps.
When the first balls of breasts began to round out on my child’s chest, there too I discovered how painful it is to live in a woman’s body.
And yet she is the most beautiful creature in the world, the one who gives beauty to the earth.
Without her the world would be ugly and man would be a lost child, a slave to his senses, his thirst for power and his primitive instinct.

It is thanks to the pure woman herself that great men working for world peace exist, but since not all of them have been able to reach equilibrium and some of them have followed man in his slavery of the senses and as a result men working for the destruction of the world are born, she has been called the « weaker sex » and « being inferior to man ».

Only those men whose consciousness has never been so mature saw in her the weaker sex and called her inferior.
Those who were born of pure women have inherited a luminous consciousness and have seen in her only « greatness of soul », have honoured and respected her as the human aspect of the Divine Mother.

Then woman, follow the path that God has traced for humanity and turn away from the path that man, slave of his senses, has traced for himself, otherwise you will never be honoured.