Chinese govt sends covid-19 vaccines to Congo-Brazzaville.

This Wednesday 10 March 2021 was marked by the arrival of the ANTI-COVID vaccine from China at the Maya-Maya international airport in Brazzaville.

This vaccine is a gift from China to the Congolese authorities to help them in their fight against covid-19.
As we know for decades, China and Congo-Brazzaville have strong economic and diplomatic relations.

China has invested a great deal in the Republic of Congo and we can note among the great feats that China has achieved in this country, the construction of the Chinese-Congolese hospital in Mfilou, the inauguration of the large Marien Ngouabi University Library as well as the headquarters of the National Assembly recently built in downtown Brazzaville.

On May 7th 2021, the Congo Republic président, Denis Sassou Nguesso opens the new parliament seat in prence of Chinese ambassador Maa Fulin.

Every year, scholarships from China are granted to Congolese students, particularly those with a basic level of Chinese.
The majority of Congolese students as well as workers who love China attend Chinese courses at the Confucian Institute, which is located in the Marien Ngouabi University Library. The courses are paid for monthly but do not exceed $15.

In 2020, with the arrival of Covid-19, the country saw itself enter a crisis in both the educational and professional spheres, leading to quite serious health consequences for the impoverished Congolese. Thus the arrival of the vaccines in Congo Brazzaville may appear to be a relief for the Congolese authorities as well as for the majority of the population who hope to finish once and for all with the Corona virus.

Indeed, the population is so exhausted with the daily wearing of masks which is very suffocating due to the great daily heat.
Not to forget the national transport which is becoming more and more expensive due to the limit of nine passengers in the buses.

Congolese with masks under the sun’s heat.

Transporters who do not earn much are forced to shorten the routes with slightly higher fares than before and the majority of people can no longer easily get to neighbourhoods located at a great distance from their homes.

On Wednesday 10 March, the Chinese ambassador, Mr Maa Fulin, personally handed over to the Congolese government, represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr Jeau Claude Gakosso, the Minister of Health, Mrs Jacqueline Lydia MIKOLO, and the Minister of National Defence, Mr Charles Richard Mondjo, in the presence of the WHO representative in Congo, Mr Lucien Manga.

Chinese ambassador in Congo-Brazzaville with Congolese ministries and the Congo Republic WHO representant at Maya-Maya international airport in Brazzaville. Wednesday 10th of May 2021.

Currently, rumours are circulating internationally that Africa risks being a danger to other continents if vaccines are not administered within the continent. This means that Africans will continue to be vehicles for covid-19 and a source of contamination for the rest of the world, but given that most African countries cannot afford vaccines, it is up to the developed world to show sympathy and not expect investment from African leaders whose countries are mostly heavily indebted.

Let us hope that this vaccine will be enough to humble the entire Congolese population.